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Naumachia Network & TIM: Holography and 5G

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

TIM announces the development of 5G coverage in Lombardy and does so with its first holographic presentation.

The event, which took place on December 6th, took place in the famous Monza Eni Circuit, which became the first 5G European racetrack on the opening day of the Monza Rally Show 2019.

Antonio Cirillo, TIM's Marketing & Digital Factory Business Manager, and Francesco D'Angelo, TIM's Sales Manager and Luciano Albanese, North-West Sales Manager, were able to illustrate the 5G's development program to journalists and top clients in Lombardy with the help of the most "classic" Power Point presentations, but the involvement of Naumachia Network, in collaboration with Predict, has transformed that Power Point into something unique and innovative.

Thanks to the installation of the Holostage, the speakers had at their disposal the elements of their slides in a holographic format, thus being able to interact with them and leaving the present audience speechless.

The Holostage was not the only structure of Naumachia that created astonishment during the event; the other structure present at the TIM event for the presentation of the 5G, was the Holobox 1:1.

With this structure, created for the projection of life-size people, a further potential of holography has been shown: the holographic telepresence.

Through a video recording, a streaming signal and the 5G connection it is possible to allow geographically distant people to stay in front of each other and interact with each other in real time.

A technology that cares about people's time, their relationships and even the environment.

The key phrases are : less travel, more free time, and less pollution.

The TIM public first admired the technology, then tried it on their own skin, seeing themselves projected inside the 1: 1 Holobox and communicating and seeing their colleagues in real time while not really facing them.

The future is today, and Naumachia is ready to show it to you!

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